3ply Mask, Childrens, Purple, Box of 50 (General Use)


Our pleated 3-ply children’s face masks are made of fluid-resistant polypropylene that provides an additional barrier against airborne particles. Fluid resistant polypropylene is combined with a surface treated adhesive to provide a multi-layer system of protection against airborne particles. Ideal for use in infection control practices to minimize cross-contamination.


  • Child Safety – Keep your little ones safe in these highly uncertain times.
  • Convenience is Key – Easy to use, easy to dispose of. This mask is the ideal choice for daily use.
  • Reliable Line of Defense – Offers three layers of protective material to safeguard against infectious fluids and particles.
Quantity Discount
3 - 10 2%
11 - 14 3%
15 + 5%
3ply Mask, Childrens, Purple, Box of 50 (General Use)


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