Duracore, Nitrile Industrial Gloves | 6 mil Black

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Introducing the Duracore 6 MIL Nitrile Gloves – Your Ultimate Industrial Companion!

Crafted from 100% Latex-Free Nitrile material, these gloves provide unrivaled strength and durability. The fully-textured finish ensures a superior grip, allowing you to confidently handle even the toughest tasks.

In a sleek Black color, these gloves are as stylish as they are functional. Made from Acrylonitrile-butadiene, they offer exceptional resistance against a wide range of chemicals, making them perfect for industrial applications. Plus, being Latex-Free, they eliminate the risk of allergic reactions for both you and your team.

Experience unmatched comfort and tactile sensitivity with these gloves. The beaded cuff adds an extra layer of security, preventing any accidental slips during use. The finger texture enhances precision, ensuring you can handle even the most delicate of tasks with ease.

Designed to accommodate both left and right-handed users, these gloves are truly ambidextrous, providing a seamless fit for all. While ideal for non-medical use, their versatility knows no bounds, making them a reliable choice across various industries.

Rest easy knowing these gloves are non-sterile, and powder-free, minimizing any potential irritants. With no natural rubber, they’re suitable for individuals with sensitivities.

Each box contains 100 pieces, conveniently packaged for easy access. With 10 dispenser boxes in every shipping carton, you’ll have an ample supply to keep your team protected.

Trust in Duracore for quality, reliability, and performance. Elevate your industrial experience with these exceptional 6 MIL Nitrile Gloves. Invest in your safety today!


Duracore, Nitrile Industrial Gloves | 6 mil Black