3ply ASTM 3 – MADE IN CANADA, Box of 50 (blue)


Our 3ply disposable surgical mask, features 3 layers of protection against airborne particles, and infectious fluids. These masks meet Health Canada’s Level 3 requirements and are ASTM F2100-19 compliant. Our pleated design offers full coverage of the nose and mouth, ensuring the best possible protection.


  • Stay Protected – When it comes to health and safety, never settle for less than the best.
  • Convenience is Key – Easy to use, easy to dispose of. This mask is the ideal choice for daily use.
  • Reliable Line of Defense – Offers three layers of protective material to safeguard against infectious fluids and particles.
Quantity Discount
3 - 10 2%
11 - 14 3%
15 + 5%